I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 18 March 2016

Dont Meddle with ma Medlar, by Stevie Haston.

 English and American vegetation doesn't look like this.

A path less travelled can be an obvious choice sometimes, so I have been going to my regular cliff from t'other side, t'other end o' the village. It's been a lovely choice. 

 Medlars used to be known in the UK and America, I wonder how many people know what they are now?

Medlars were brought over by the Romans, so where the Romans were, you will generally find Medlars. All around the Mediterranean coast near some of the best cliffs you will find Medlars, nowadays just for ornamental reasons. Anyway pass the Medlars and the Bananas on the left hand side, and pass "the Duchie" and aproach the cliffs which are about 30 meters high, and just admire the big boulders and scenery.

 The Rocket a really nice 6a. search for the severed head.

We did Check Point Charlie a cracking 7a, and Berlin a 7a+, it's a lovely area of walls, slabs and arettes. There was a Kestrel flying, and this area always seems to find a breeze. The pigeons love playing in the swirling aires.

 "Women are like Medlars, no sooner ripe but rotten", Thomas Dekker.

Thomas Dekker was clearly soured on women, but I will never be soured of this lovely forgotten corner of Gozo. It is where the Nadurians (my village) fired the only shots against the invading French, the rest of Malta quickly giving in! I would like to think of Nadurians never giving in, but unfortunately we do from time to time, even against smaller things than Napoleon like women.

the chimney is a nice little trad thing I might bolt  it, if some one gives me some bolts and glue!

Bye bye, it is funny to think I have been climbing and walking there more than 50 years now. And did you notice the severed head stuck in the crack its more obvious in the third photo.