I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Gypsy's, tramps, thieves and Conservatives. by Stevie semi tolerant Haston.

 this pigeon does not have a religion.

The new member of the house hold is doing good, so far no religious tendencies at all.

 some exercise stuff  from France.

I do wonder what we were put on this earth for, not just some times, but nearly all the time. Most people seem to think it's about a blind pursuit of money. Others, argument. I just think about the sea the cliffs, a bit of love, and staying fit and well enough to enjoy these things.

 Under the finger board from Mr Crusher Boards is a Zee stone.

The Zee stone as I am sure you know is supposed to be a stone of power, the more eyes it has the more power. You often find climbers who have been to Nepal have one around their necks. I was given this Zee stone because it had too much power for its last owner! He gave it to me because I supposedly have a strong life force. I don't ware this stone anymore, it had a strange affect on me I felt like Crazy horse, I felt invincible. In reality its just a bit of ceramic, the Dalai Lama wears one just like this one.

 A hand exercise device for crushing the scrotum of intolerant people.

Some where along my life I became more tolerant, maybe I trained to be tolerant. There seems to be a lot of people who need training to day in tolerance.

Trepanning devices

I  am offering a Trepanning service for some of my intolerant friends and family, I will do it cheap, or do a few for charity. Perhaps a job lot to get a few hundred over in a short time this week. Any way I will repeat some thing to get things clear, I don't mind Muslims, I don't think being a Muslim increases your chances of being a terrorist. I am personally an agnostic, and in truth I think this might be a good idea considering all the hate flying around. I have Muslim friends, I have Jew friends, I have Christian friends,  and most of them are really tolerant good people. I have a few intolerant Bigot friends and in my family also, but please guys get this straight in aint the religion, it's the person. I won't give up on the intolerant friends, or my family, but you are trying my patience, really you are. Peace.