I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Bashing the Bishop, by Stevie saintly Haston.

 United States of Amnesia, again 7b.

Two new routes done, Bashing the Bishop, and Polishing the Pope, titanium bolts and very good.

 United States of Amnesia, again..

Also did United States of Amnesia again, its so sooooo delicate, and surprising, a magic route.

Alex getting a bit befuddled on United States etc.

Had a bit more fun as I realised you can start it down in the abyss, on Hindenberg a 7c.

 Perplexed Alex?

There is also the possibility of Hindenberg into Graf Spey which will be really good, and 8a vertical finish on Nadurian slopers!Looking foreword to linking that.

 Alex finally giving up being perplexed for good old fashioned anger and annoyance.

Another day of interesting stuff in a real strong wind were we were sheltered from the elements and the madness of the political world.