I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Welsh friends and Titanium, by Stevie Haston.

 The winter is mild, no rain fairly perfect for climbing but equally nice for a walk!

Titanium bolts arrived. I will be putting up a dozen or so routes with rust proof perfect bolts. Thanks Martin at Titan bolts for doing the delivery so promptly and for X raying each one as a extra precaution.

 My Welch mates visiting Gozo escaping from the rain of North Wales.

A little group of my old buddies from North Wales have been climbing here this week, great to see them. And they climb so well, well they all ways did, grand lads.

 The whole team did Smack the crack, the grade 6 classic of the White Tower and as Mr Chang said "it didn't feel Trad, and it didn't feel like Sport climbing".  Yep it can be like that on a few routes on Gozo which can make it more interesting than normal, the sea cliffs especial have that extra feel, that bit of tonic. 

 found a deep hole under the belay of Smack the crack!

I trimmed some brambles under Smack the Crack and found myself going down a hole like Alice in Wonderland! It was made up of balanced blocks and debris, fairly tight and dangerous fairly quickly! it goes on, but I did not after a little collapse of the roof and my spirits!

 Bolts and stuff.

I have to thank Hans Boschker for using my Donation Button at the top right of the page, please feel free if you have some spare cash and wish to contribute to Gozo climbing.
I wish to say thank you to David Boyle also. 
And I wish to say thank you to Colin Dods.
Thanks guys, I'll get busy and do some new routes, was waiting for these and will get busy again.

Donation button top right, these are the best quality bolts I can source. I really appreciate every one who has contributed to my new routing, helped me even in small ways with gear, lifts coffee, booze, jokes, cuddles etc.  Long live climbing.