I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 25 March 2016

Fists of Fury, by Stevie Lee Haston.

Gear like I have used in my own way for 40 years are making the rounds again under new names.

 I was listening to a Pod Cast of Neil Greshem talking about training where he gave me a bit of a mention with helping with his training for a hard Sport route. Strangely even though I was helping him, in listening to the Pod cast I got some thing back, the teacher must always listen, and he must always be his own best pupil. It was funny to be called old school, so as a nod to that, I put on a head band, and an old shirt.

 Pax Mobiscum and "may your god go with you" as a very great British comedian used to say.

There is only one god, and she is called Training.  I was watching my Face book Feed of a few snippets of Bruce eee reee doing some spectacular "stunt" stuff, and there was a bit of him doing a Table Tenis match where he returns shots with Nanchuckies! Well its fake! I like Bruce Lee, and I don't mind emerging myself in that knowledge from time to time, but shit man if a man could do that he could walk on water!

 Back two knuckles.

Bruce Lee weighed about 135 lbs, and was really, really flexible, and fast, thats about it. I don't know if he would have been a good fighter, but I am sure he could have run away fast, "the best defence is not to be there" after all. For sure he would have been a good climber.

I used to train with a Chinese Bouncer in Bradford, he didn't study Wing chung like Bruce, he studied something called Sanda. Sanda is one of those weird things that is tremendously effective, but will never make it into the lime light, a bit like me and my shirt!

 Front two knuckles.

 Finger tip press ups when fat are a bit worrying, even when skinny they can damage joints.

 Planks are good, here I am waiting to go out climbing, and am bored waiting so stupidly am doing planks!

So what's up with the different knuckle stuff, well I think it has a carry over to crack climbing, and you don't have to have cracks. That's about it. There was tons of stuff I used to do that I bring back from time to time, and these press ups are part of it, walking crocodile on fists is good also. It can hurt on a hard floor, don't do them on tiles, do them on plush carpet, or training mats. They give you strong wrists as well, never a bad idea if you actual want to hit some one on the bowling ball. Anyway there you go, old school even for me. 

Extension into press , brill triceps excersise.

These are good, if you can roll onto your knuckles you are real Son of Sanda.  By the way, I took the Chines guy climbing, and even though he was chubby he was great, that was along time ago in a land far away called Bradford.