I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

1000 pull ups and 1000 press ups, by Stevie Lalanne Haston.

Firstly Id like to thank Elaine Azzopardi for donating to me climbing new routes, and trying to do something for the climbing here. With out peoples help and support, I would still do some routes and maintenance, but it would be less, and the materials would be less good. The heartening thing is that Elaine Azzopardi complimented me on this blog, something I sometimes get complaints about! And because of that compliment which extended to being a training motivator, I extended my training session into a Jack LaLanne special, 1000 pull ups and 1000 press ups.

Loz Francomb my old buddy and work mate has just finished on this job, a big one is this. Loz was one of the Manchester group of climbers helped by Brian Cropper who sadly just died. Loz taught me a lot about rigging. Loz is king of the riggers,
 and was a steeple jack as a kid. 

Jack Lalanne was a fitness guru who promoted healthy eating with good excersize. He was famous for doing some pretty whacky stunts on his birthday, to keep himself going and others interested. He did it so well that he hooked me at an early age. Steve Edwards an American buddy who just lost his last battle recently was also a Jack Lalanne fan.  

                                      The last corner panel on this 314 meter high building.

I started the day watching Bill Super foot Wallace on you tube. Bill was a very technical kick boxer from mid 70s and was very flexible into his old age, plus I loved his warm sense of humour and the way he extends his counts. I wasn't so shabby I decided after about 1 hours stretching  but need to get back into it, I was a few inches off side splits which is one way to get me cross! 

I am now aching in every department, but feel very good, beer is on the table, and I will do some work on the climbing this week. I have just used up all my Titanium bolts except for the anchors, so if anybody has some spare cash use the donation button top right. 

Oh and don't rush headlong into the 1000 pull ups, the press ups are so easy compared to the pull ups its almost a joke to think they are half the challenge, they are not. The challenge are the pull ups,  the press ups are just a little slap in the face to keep you conscious. And look up Bill Superfoot Wallace the first real book on stretching to get me motivated other than yoga books, Bill really knew his stuff.