I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Training is going well, by Stevie Haston.

Its hard to train for as long as I have! photos

Training can go well, or it can just go by without much result. Personally I don't stress it much anymore when it doesn't show great results, because the results that you don't see can be the most beneficial. The adaption of muscle can be too quick for some of the joints and tendons. So going slow can have its place.

When there is too much stress in your life… a little relaxation might be in order.

My life has gone thru a very stressful period lately, and although I have maintained my training, it's some times been lack luster and not up to my demonic high standard. Having said that I still managed a session with over a thousand pull ups. I think I,ll go for the 1000 pull ups and 1000 press ups together, the old Jack Lalanne routine, just to see if its still there.  

There is a difference between relaxation and over doing it.

So I have a bit of work, but its a couple of months away, I don't have to get all edgy. Having a good block of time like this is giving me a good strong vibe for zee training. Being overweight I can play the "Fat boy Joker", and because I have done lots of varied climbing with really good shoes my foot work seems as dialled in as it has ever been. The only problem that I can see ahead is my usual nemesis of finding it hard to try hard. Training hard comes easy, and I love hard routes, but getting to that chain, or to that particular summit often involves a bit of authentic desire. You have to need to succeed, the need for speed, the need to bleed, and my blood is full of Weiss beer! Or it seems like it any way, so no more beer for a bit….. till I get a good result anyway. 
So hydrate-dont pickle.
Recharge- dont idle.
Have a plan.
And when you want, move forward, move forward with progressive resistance, so add load.
The Load should be commiserate to the task. 
After all there is no point in looking like Arnold when you do a marathon, indeed you will for sure end up walking!