I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Too old To be bold, By Stevie Haston.

Old El Passo is a tough little roof that never stops surprising me with its magnificence. Strangely enough you have to be a little bold on this safe route. You would understand if you went on it, at 8a+ it very rarely see's an ascent, and normally, suiters have to be schooled very well to get threw, the twists, and changes of direction.

Kate my daughter is belaying, she had a play on the roof, and is getting to like it! I am looking foreword to her kids having a go soon. Her Kids turned up with our friend Ruth's kids who all went caving in the back of the roof, there's 10 km of passage in there!

The cave is a bit wet so everything is very wet and tougher than normal, but its still huge fun, and a full body workout.

The end of the route is a belay on the other side of the arch, where if you do it feet fore ward like this, it seems logical, but is very tough on body tension. My normal way is easier, but no one seems to manage it my way, I kinda corkscrew my way thru. There you go, a little route.

On a side note, Ben and Jerry's Ice cream will try to be GMO free by the end of the year, a very commendable  change for the better. The anti GMO fight will continue, and is gathering force, please be part of it, and try to understand the dangers of Pesticides and Herbicides, and all the other cons that business, and government, are forcing on us.