I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Agent America by Stevie Haston.

This man was exposed to an American made weed killer! America systamatically sprayed huge areas of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, in doing so
 it killed or maimed an estimated 400,000 persons in Vietnam. 
500,000 babies were born with some kind of disability.
America has paid compensation to some of its soldiers and workers for 'de-weeding', but only after huge legal battles by the Veterans associations. No money has been given to the injured or dead people  of Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia. Please remember that Bush took America and Britain, into another unjust war in Iraq, citing that Sadamie Hussein had killed 5000 Kurds with a Gas Agent! 
Agent Orange was produced by Monsanto. It was also produced by the Dow Chemical, but the Monsanto Orange was of a much higher concentration.
Monsanto have been involved in many poisons over the years, but continue to get away with it due to their friends in the America, and American government.Their latest friends are actor Obama, and the singer Bono.
Monsanto's biggest poison is happening now, and it is insidious, you eat it, you feed it to your ailing loved ones, and children, and babies. Please voice your concern, Worldwide Protest May 25th.......

Major Duck Phang, top photo.