I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 13 May 2013

Training, training partners, and teachers, by Stevie single Haston

 Ok, training partners are one of the most important parts of training. Sadly a good, or perfect training partner, is very hard to find. I am training a new training partner at the moment, but he is proving stubborn. You don't want a 'Cock of the walk', you want a mate, supportive and encouraging.

Yoga is great by your self.

Yoga is great by yourself but you learn more with a good teacher. I just did a few intensive days with my wife (which is not even ideal) and made much progress. I intend to do more of this as I really notice the difference.
This is the outside of my training room, with my training partner, and very quickly he feels my peace and settles down. The pollen is a bit down today, so I risked it, cos it's so mellow. Inside in the shade, I have to have some noisy, bang, bang music, to get something going, and it makes me too twitchy. Music has its place too, but today I want the vibe of the sun, and the late Spring. Good training to you, and I hope you find a good training partner, and teacher.