I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rainy day training. By Stevie wet Haston.

Kids, and family are here, in the worst spring and summer of 1OO years! The floor and roof of the cave are wet and going green. It's making the routes really hard, but the kids have been caving which is always great fun. Does anything give you the sense of discovery, and exploration that caving can?

Indoor training, martial art based as two of the kids are up for belts. I still think after all these years that Martial arts training was the most valuable because of the discipline, it instils in people consideration, and respect for other people, whilst giving you a great all round workout.

Melody blocking, when I blocked 20 or so of her turning kicks I developed quite a sore fore arm! 

 More normal stuff was done after an hour and a half of yoga where the girls really shined. Leo needs to sort out his pull ups and press ups, but he is very keen.

Melody is getting better on her pull ups, but is concentrating on her Black belt at the moment.

Harmony cranking!

Harmony doing box splits, no warm! 9 months ago she didn't quite have box splits, now she is beyond.

Harmony will obviously be able to bridge any groove in the world!

Grand Papi with eyes shut about to get an un-fore seen left cross from wee Spiderman. Foot work is perfect, footwork is half of balance, and its hard to have power without balance, climbers are often not very good in this respect. Still, climbing at high standard is only 25 years old, where as fighting is the oldest sport of all! For instance Thailand has 500,00 Naks or boxers, and most boys in Korea are very proficient at their national sport, Climbing is taking over in some places of the world, but its teachers are few, and not very experienced for the most part. Seek out good teachers, and the job becomes easier. Today there are a few, I live in a land -France- which has many, and you can always get a good lesson here.