I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Explos film Fest and local larking. Stevie the Lark Haston.

So I took this photo of a poster at the Film Festival at Ax les Thermes, and realized afterwards that it was my bunny, snowboarding a first descent in the himalayas. Some times it's nice to be me!

Laurence had trouble controlling one of the children at the Kids Yoga, he was more interested in doing Axe kicks to the head!

This is Phil Bence the main man behind the festival having an enlightened moment, he has been a fantastic friend in caves and grottes to me, he taught me much, so much thanks.

This is Anne Arran, very, very pregnant doing her yoga class with Laurence, Anne has a local Gite, Chez Arran, which is very popular amongst visiting Brits. Anne is looking forward to doing 8a again!  

The Karate Kid was beaten by the Yogi, soundly told off, and told to stretch in the naughty corner.

Two of these keen youngsters cycled 135 miles to do some yoga and see a few films, I was very impressed with them and the other students.

There was a little exhibit of the local rescue Gendarmerie and I got to talk to Gael Perez, about rescue stuff, I always pay these lads and lasses great respect having been pulled out of 'La Merde' a couple of times. Gael is a local from Pau and a mountain man. The bit of kit  behind us, is what we need on Gozo, please take note you Maltese and Gozotans, we all need a ride from the cliffs one day!