I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 10 May 2013

Intuitive infinity, By Stevie infinite Haston

So I have been doing Yoga nearly all day long at Ax, as part of the Explos film festival. Actually Patagonia sponsored the Kundalini Yoga, with Laurence teaching. There are some good films etc, and some good climbers and cavers around to chat to, not to mention us other folk who are equally good to chat to.

James Pearson from the Uk is there with a nice little film, showing him, and his extremely talented climbing girlfriend, Caroline, find out more about them and check their Blog out.
Oh yes, great Organic beer, new shoe from La Sportiva, stiff trad and crack, beer is good in any kind of weather etc.

My foot in a very cool La Sportiva flip flop, non slip sole for those people who have had too much Bio beer, 6% is a good hit, especially if you have a six pack. Yoga was totally brilliant today, felt like I was getting somewhere, thanks to Betta Gobbi from Grivel who is one of Laurence's teachers. Yes Betta, it's working!