I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Pull ups over against Monsanto, by Stevie Game over Haston

I didn't make 4000!
I thought I might, I was hoping, but hope doesn't crack it, thoughtful planed  training does. 

So my little protest for today is over, and to be honest I was thinking that would be enough. But its not enough, as the day has progressed I have got more angry with Monsanto and the big Agro industries that are poisoning us. The Politicians are lying to us, because they are payed to, they are Muppets. We the people are mostly too stupid, too lazy, or can't be bothered to work things out. Today because I am stupid, because I am lazy, it was a friend who put me onto the fact that basically the water in large parts of Catalonia shouldn't be drunk (here is  a link), so if you are climbing there or live there, be careful what you drink. Water in my department of France has a large part of it taken from ground water, sometimes this water is polluted. Two years ago the main towns water was deemed poisonous and had to be shipped in. How safe are my grande children playing in the village fountain, we drink from this source in preference to our own tap water, which has bad chemicals put in it to clarify it! 
Oh yes for pull-up nerds, I might try a few more pull ups before 4 o'clock tomorrow morning, but we are talking a few dozen at most.