I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pull ups record attempt, By Stevie non GMO Haston

I'll try and beat the pull up record on Sat 25 of May, the international march against Monsanto day. I aint that strong at the moment, but will try hard, because I am so cross and pissed off. At the very least it will be a hard work out. 

Here are a few facts for people, I know people are lazy, and don't think it's their fight, but most of Europe is against GMOs, and think they are very bad.

  1. No GMO Labeling Laws in the USA!
  2. Lack of Adequate FDA / USDA Safety Testing
  3. Monsanto Puts Small Farmers out of Business
    Farmer Suicides After GMO Crop Failures
  4. Monsanto Products Pollute the Developing World
    500,000 Agent Orange Babies
  5. Monsanto Blocking Government Regulations
  6. Monsanto Guilty of False Advertising & Scientific FRAUD
  7. Consumers Reject Bovine Growth Hormone rBGH in Milk
  8. GMO Crops Do NOT Increase Yields
  9. Monsanto Controls U.S. Soy Market
  10. Monsanto's GMO Foods Cause NEW Food Allergies
Some GMO foods have been proven in laboratory tests to...

CAUSE: cancer, sterility, miscarriages, seizures and even death!

When I came home from five months away recently I was very sick, my immune system was not working right, and I was tired. It was the junk and poison I'd been eating. It's happened to me before, in America, and Norway, two places where it's very hard to get good organic food.

Maybe you are busy on Saturday, but pass a thought, or two, to the health value of what you, your children, and their children  are forced to eat.

I have been blessed with a good body, I want it to stay that way. On Saturday I may not break the record, but I will do lots of pull-ups, how many do you think? Current unofficial record is around 4600, not bad! 
I will be fueled  by organic bananas, and as a stimulant I might have the odd bucket of organic coffee.