I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 20 November 2015

Je suis Arab, by Stevie Haston.

 the 60 meter abseil into the Underworld.

Bernd and Jesse had there little adventure in zee Underworld. I payed the ferry man, he let us out.

 sombre cliffs surround us.

The inside of the big cave, was dark, the waves not to bad, but they still echoed, it didn't feel friendly. We chose a few mellow routes; Everlasting, Stix and Stoners, and Vampire Lats. I should say Vampire Lats is 7b, mellow if you'r a Vampire slayer.

 Bernd looking at a fossil on the entry to the Underworld.

Berd told me off about the bolts, he said the run outs were too spicy for ordinary people, I countered that they were "perfectly spaced, they were all paid for by me, placed by an expert with love, knowing how your hand would tremble with gratitude when you heard the reassuring click of the draw, announcing temporary safety".
 view from the top of Underworld, not bad!

Not feeling too perky we opted for early beers, and ruminated on steep stone as we took in the banalities of ordinary city life gorging itself on "terror porn".

 the door leading to the Underworld?

I still haven't done my last big link in the Underworld, Cyclops Slayer into Suffragettes 8b+, it's assuredly ++++ on zee arms, and I am frightened of the pain.

just a sign.

The sign above, is to show something, can you guess?  Je suis Arab. Hey, but, "Je ne suis pas Saudi", OK! What are we doing being in bed with the Saudis, the pushers of Wahhabism?