I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Fast and Furia, Stevie Haston.

Sector Bruno.

 Iam having a rest day today, and it's not because of tragedy, Id like to make that clear. It's because I wanna go climbing tomorrow. Your getting a double post today, because, well to hell with it, climbing is greater than terror, and lousy governments. 
Death shall have lots of dominion over me, when it finally catches up with me, and I fear poverty and lots of other things, but I fear rain and bad conditions more. Tomorrow I got a mate coming over, and we will climb, next week two more mates, and we will climb more.

 Fast and Furious. Is the Furia, or the Scarpa Drago the best….

You need great routes, you need great form, you need great conditions, you don't need no wierd psycho terror thing going on. 

 Good form starts with precision foot wear and fit.

The heal on the Furia has got a little rib, and as every one knows little ribs add to sensitivity!

Heel hooking is part of my thing, so is upside down toe dragging to slow swings, I do love these shoes. I love climbing. The terror would be immense, if there was no climbing in my life, where would I hide?

I ave just worn out two pairs of shoes. The terror of running out of boots is apon me.

I would like to thank Ian Smith from Climber Magazine for sending me some stuff to help me with my ongoing projects, thanks Ian I needed that stuff. Every little bit helps, the routes get done slowly "with a little help from your friends". Sad day indeed, the saddest thing is that the governments are bringing this terror to our door steps. They are not fighting, terror they are causing it.