I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 13 November 2015

Break on thru to the Other Side, by Stevie Haston.

 A cliff on Gozo.

Faced with sad news, what can you do? 

 Water Taxi.

Life seems very temporary today, and fragile. Please be careful my friends, not just in France but everywhere. The consequence of awful actions is sometimes more awful still, and obviously it's not the guilty who will suffer-the innocent will often become the easy targets.

 some aquatic rubbish collection.

 Rubbish accumulating.

Obviously this blog was supposed to be something else, but I couldn't get my head around much. A nice day feeling good about doing good things was turned to dust. Remy  Bergasse died under tragic circumstances, and his enormous potential lost to us all. This was not eclipsed, but surpassed by greater numbers of deaths a few hours later, and all the good feelings disappeared.  

 le bon heur can sometimes be a bit far away.

Le bon heur, does not arrive so easily as this.

The breeze was fresh, the climbing was good, the evening superb. The news later was devastating. Be careful people. Actions beget actions, violence breeds violence, and it is the innocent who most often suffer. Please do not let this tragedy, turn into a lessening of freedom, please keep this a police matter, not a military one. Please keep the borders open.