I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Suffragettes versus James Bond. By Stevie Haston.

 Bernd Arnold placing bolts by hand, old style.

 Climbing is a bit of a drama sometimes, but normally if you don't want climbing drama, you just stay at home, you don't go. I like a bit of drama sometimes, a tiny risk, a soups con of maybe/dont know/sheeet/argh.  It was not like that for the Suffragettes, they were locked in a drama, a risky horrible drama, they were fighting, and protesting, and getting arrested, for their right to vote.

a little girl that will have rights because the suffragettes fought for the likes of her.

 I got a route called Suffragettes, it's an 8a roof, it's very, very cool, but the real Suffragettes were actually heroines, they did brave things for the rest of us. Yes for me too, cos I wouldn't want to live in a world were woman didn't have the vote, and other rights. 

 A mini dramatic swell.

So I went to the cinema, and James Bond was showing, which was sold out, and Suffragettes was showing, and there were five people watching!

 Slightly dramatic sky.

I thought Suffragettes was one of the best films I'ave seen for a long time, and should be required viewing in schools. It only gets 6.5 on Imbd, were as Bond gets 7.5, sorry thats plain male guilt, or the fact that you can't vote for civil disobedience without getting arrested in the so called free world.

Jeff Camilleri starting Suffragettes, up a wall, then 20 meters of roof!

Suffragettes is a 5 star route, it's a sexy route. The film isn't sexy, it's harrowing, and necessary to understand male stupidity, male dominance, and wide spread all embracing sexism. Go watch it, why don't you?

Women got the vote in 1918 for women over 30. Men had the vote at 21!
Women got the vote in Switzerland in 1971!
Women in Saudi Arabia do not have the vote today!