I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

It's the Hammer, by Stevie the Mallet Haston.

 a pleasant grade 4.

A good days climbing with Jesse, Bernd,  and Alex. I had to climb with the Master, as he was chomping at the bit. The plan was to tire him, so he could climb with Jesse, and I could equip afterwards, it didn't work.

Scarpa Boosters, used to the max. Give me another pair please!

Bernd wanted to climb an arete, he has a fetish about aretes, well he would wouldn't he, he's done more perfect aretes than anyone in the world. I took him up Heart of Glass, he was pleasantly astounded at the quality! 

 top of Helwah.

We finished on Hewah ta Tork, which is one of my favourite routes, it looks horrifying, and is only mildly so! I abseiled in, and got drowned for a bit in the washing machine at the bottom. Bernd was reluctant to come down, it did look a trifle skidoo.

 Helwah ta Tork 6b+

My boots were soaked, water milk shake paste in a bag also, so Bernd donated his chalk, and we belayed out of the splash zone on the second bolt. After this it was tip top, spectacular on crispy wafers of burnt biscuit, and oven baked croissant, and a few layers of frosted sugar coated donut thrown in for good measure, all rock of course.  

nearly taking the plumet.

Me on zee nasty last move of Heart of glass, above photo! Tomorrow the team heads for the Underworld, it has an appointment with the three headed Hell Hound. Bernd is looking forward to it, well he would, wouldn't he?  His remark after seeing me at the top of Helwah was ace, "its the Hammer Stevie", indeed it is Bernd, "its the Hammer".