I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 23 November 2015

Clash of the Titans, by Stevie the Midget Haston

 Jeff and I, me and Jeff.

Started work on Sector Titan today. It's going to be bolted all in Titanium, thus securing more peace of mind. It's a great cliff, quality stone. 

 this hard crack is going to go soon.

Good routes, good climbing, more fun and success, better bolts, stunning sunsets, an ocean of perfect beer, these my friends, are just some of the things, that are supercallfragelisticexpaladcous. If I spelt that right there's a blue moon out, or a politician with his Hapton Wick in a Pigs mouth.

 Bernd, Alex, and Jesse. the two guys just donated to Gozo climbing, and their gift will make a route.

 Not so perfect, but it will do.

Clash of the Titans, Titanic, give us a name, Colossal Tit (named after Cameron), send in your names for Sector Titan. 

 two of the three aretes that haven't been done.

This isn't Sector Titan, this huge clif 140 meters high only has one route, an old trad route thats not very secure, one of these aretes might go but there is a weeks cleaning on it.