I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

To Be happy, by Stevie sometimes happy Haston.

 Not Cecil the Lion.

The world is weird, the world is beautiful by turns. People are good, people are bad by turns. It's all a bit much most of the time, so I hide within my sport, I hide on a small island, and then I retreat into caves within the rock.  Some of my friends have purposely not bred, they have left no progeny, is this the answer? Well clearly not, you will only leave what's left to the trophy hunters, so be happy and multiply, be fruitful even. But please don't have children who throw empty beer cans into the ocean with the plastic six pack thingy.

 my own personal bat cave here I put my many moraled- coat on, and become a rock vigilante.

 So I am in a hotel with a day to kill, it's breakfast time, and I am listening to Italian rap, not on purpose of course, but you'r force fed it with the shitty cake. You can only say one thing in favour of Italian rap-it's easier to understand-they actually pronounce words- surprise!

 view opposite moronic company in afore mentioned italian hotel.

Be happy the song says, it's a fairly funny video, so I smile, and even take note, even though the 'singer' looks like he's a chemical experiment.  I attempt to be happy, I then attempt to be happy harder, it's not working. Then I push and pull really hard, I really try to be happy, and nothing happens! So I think 'foookit', I'll do unhappy pull ups.

 I set up some belay rings, and did finger hangs!!!! Not recommended, but possible efficacious.

 I did some yoga, and some pull ups, and arrived at that place 'east of Happy and west of sadness', you been there?

my portable pull up thing, it will get confiscated tomorrow by some one protecting me from evil at the airport!

More is not necessarily better, even with pull ups. How many trophies do we each need? How much food can we put around our selves before we realise we can feed some one else? The world is awful at the moment, and is probably at a moral tipping point, it's not the last rhino or Lion we need to worry about, it's our lack of concern for anything,  and anyone that doesn't gratify our greed. Tomorrow I fly to America, the Salt Lake Show, and friends, I will be happy, they are not all animal stuffing dentists, most of them climb, and they are mostly very kind.