I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Boulder versus SaltLake, by Stevie Divided Haston.

Prof Steve Downs at the Front in Salt Lake.

So I spent a bit of time in Salt Lake for the Outdoor show, and then slowly made my way to Boulder. Just like there's only two kinds of music in America (Country&Western), there's only two towns for me! There's Boulder, and there's Salt Lake!

The Front is increasing, along with more climbing gyms you can shake a stick at!

You're probably gonna say, 'there's tons of great towns in the US of A', and there are. But there's only two towns were you got great bouldering, sking, climbing, and  other essential stuff like a great climbing community, and friends.

 A proper rack.

How you can be rubbish in either town is impossible for me to understand, but then again in comparison to lots you will be. The bewildering talent in both towns is embarrassing! 

A fellow climber.

Between Salt Lake and Boulder lies the Desert, and of course Towers of Dreams. I probably won't do any this trip cos I am rubbish, and it's a bit hot. Towers, and Towers, stretching into the back of my head.

 Cindy with Davos.

I am staying with a friend called Kyle, and his family, and the other day we did the Third Flat Iron behind Boulder with his two boys, Jonah and Asher, Asher was doing it for his 10th birthday. It was simply brill, I felt proud to be part of the whole thing, a great route with good people.

 Boulder Rock Gym.

So the facilities in both towns is ridiculous, great climbing gyms, with a huge resevoir of fit young and old people. Some people have lived in both towns. Can't make your mind up? I never could. Powder is better in Utah, booze is cheaper in Colorado, if you like Puff it's legal in Colorado. Boulder's got the Diamond!

Boulder Rock gym.

How weak I am, in the gym you cannot hide, you can run on the treadmills, but you can't hide, half the man I was. I didn't even need friends, robot belaying system allowed me several routes! Managed a few weighted pull ups, which didn't impress, but my flexibility still gets a pat on the back from the Yoga folk! Is Flag staff bouldering better than Little Cotton Wood? That's my final question! No, one more bonus question, is there a better climbing shop than Neptunes in Boulder? With it's mini museum of rock memorabilia, and it's host of brilliant slide shows over the years, my answer is, it's a great venue one of the best! Hope I can talk about something on the 3rd!