I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Veedavoo impressions, by Stevie impressed Haston.

So after some interesting times in Salt Lake found myself traversing the high desert towards Veedavoo. Wide open spaces, cloudscape galore, and a powerful erge to go back in time to a more primitive time overtook me. The desert turned into dry grassland with cows, and a sprinkling of Antelope, which were cute as hell. Veedavoo is a made up name, so I have taken liberties with it's spelling, Veedavoo means a lots of things to many people, but to me it means joy. It's a Zen garden of rocks and people, with a good vibe! Leave your ego behind, and enjoy the stiff grades, the barbarity of the cracks, and the pain.

A smallish rack! There were lots of huge pieces, some of the cracks are exclusively giant pieces! You get fit here as well as humiliated.

This is a photo with Jay Anderson, who is one of the daddies of Off width climbing, in my hand is a Valley Giant, a great bit of kit, not many to the pound!

 Bumped into old friends Crusher and Strappo, with their younger stronger and more enthusiastic friends, oh to be young and easy under the apple boughs. There was a 20 year old project called Strappos Strap on, which got some attention, and might finally get an ascent.

Left Torpedo, grade unknown, with a nice lad from SLC doing the deed.

I got stuck into the cracks, found them hard after not doing any for ages, and it's the same as it ever was, pain. I like them cracks, all sizes, and hopefully I will do a few in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to Nathan Smith and Liberty Mountain, look out for some of Nathans photos they are very good.