I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lecture in Boulder coming up soon, by Stevie Haston.

bring these to slide show.

So I am going to do a lecture in Neptunes in Boulder, be there or be square, please bring a designated driver!  It's gonna be on the 3rd of September, but I want to see some mates, so get permission from your old age homes, and mental institutes!  Today I just did the third Flatiron with two of my mate Kyles boys, it was a very rock climbing in the west kinda day. A tenth birthday present, not bad at all, low seventies, it was cool. 

deer and a bit of serenity at the Voo.
 America means a lot to me, spent years here now that I come to think about it, and given a few memorable lectures. Got the bums rush outta the Banf Festivel for causing a  slight storm in a tea cup, and caused a similar stir in Ouray.


Was talking about Hot Henry Barber, the yank who came to Britain in the seventies, and changed our out look on climbing. Theres the Boulder crew and theres the SaltLake crew, there were two Magazeens that fuelled lots of climbing now there seems to be one mag and a pamphlet for new bees. But theres always climbing. And the States has played a big part in it from the Gunks to Yossa Mite as we brits like to call it.

Voo rash.

Don't catch this, it hurts when you eat  and spill Mexican food!