I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Colorado High Country, by Stevie low Haston.

 the Diamond facet.

As a PS to my last little blog, I thought I would show you what Boulder does have extra, it is neat as the Yanks might say! The Diamond rock face finishes at nearly 14,000 feet so is alpine without the snow. As a day out it is a full day, with a good tiring four hour approach, and a 2 and there quarters bone jarring decent. In-between are lots of pitches. If you can climb hard routes on the Diamond, you can climb hard routes in Chamonix. 
friction slab on perfect granit. photo Jonah Lefkoff.

 Today we took a softer option, and went above Lilly Lake, a sublime pastoral scene with a soupçon of smoke from forest fires to the west.  As a family we did some friction slabs, which were fun thanks to the cooler temps of altitude, and the roughness of the rock. 

Boys being boys.

Two young boys with two older boys (us) enjoying every thing that is right.

the Edge of time, a Charlie Fowler gift. photo Jonah Lefkoff

 The route of the cliff is the guidebook cover shot and is a must do. It's a Charlie Fowler route of great dignity, just like the man himself. Charlie and his wife went missing in China never to be seen again, a sorry day indeed!