I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 31 August 2015

Lecture in Neptunes Boulder, Stevie Haston.

Gozo overhang, look behind at those walls!

 This is just a reminder that Iam doing a lecture at Neptunes on thursday the 3rd!

 Mike Becks comp in Salt Lake.

 Visiting the States was good. It all reminds me how much climbing I'ave done here over the years, and the friendship, and generosity of so many climbers and friends. Thanks to you all.

 Crossing the Creek.

All the granit, all the sandstone, all the peace.
The texture of the rock! My hand has just healed after Vee Da Voo, wicked rock, wicked cracks, fun isn't the right word perhaps! Will have to come back, wasn't fit enough to do anything really. Just fit enough to enjoy it all.

The texture of rock is such an amazing thing, this is wood of course, but you will find bits of sandstone just like this.

As we read rock through our finger tips, what do we understand? A simple message, we are alive, we need to stretch our span to the top, and see some thing real, to feel more. At Flagstaff last night we had a picnic in a rumbling thunder storm, a little family enjoying the rocks. It was good.