I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Training facts, training nonsense. By Stevie Haston.

 You know I am interested in training and training facts, jee -one might even think I'am a training nerd!
So it's with supreme regret that I pick a so called fact which seems a tadge optimistic. Most training books only possible use, is to be put in a bag, and used for weight in weighted pull ups, or squats!

 In alpinism it's fairly important to be strong in going uphill fast, or reasonably fast, or turbo fast! So here we have a claim that Messner could do a vertical I km in 30 mins! And a very long time ago! To my knowledge many of the worlds best athletes in ski mountaineering, or hill running cannot achieve this time! Thats today! Not 35 years ago.  Interesting.

 As a crucial fact, or as a mark in Alpinism it seems silly, and weird that this mistake is in! Or was it a serious claim?  How did it get passed the serious proof readers? 

This book is interesting as it has various essays written by good alpinists, and let's say others of a lesser, or much lesser ability. Some of these essays are interesting despite the writers poor athletic abilities. It weighs 4 lbs, and is fairly expensive. I recommend it for doing calf raises.
 I know Messner, and few others climbers are beyond any kind of question, but I find this fact unpalatable, just as I found Rich Simson's claim of doing a mile in under 4 mins very hard to swallow.  I am now going to the Himalayas so please address your vitriol there.