I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Salt Lake Show, by Stevie 'there' Haston.

the lost castle of my desires, can't wait to get back to you!

Am at the Salt Lake Show, been travelling working, now a bit sizzled on beer. Had a very Ok day with more than nice people who have reaffirmed a lot about the good in people. Heres a shout for Matt who helped me keep my cool when I couldn't get the internet to work in the Sheriton hotel, when obviously it works ok in Outer Mongolier -is that how you spell it?

 10 dollars$ for a  a great biner, and the money goes to the Access Fund, can't loose, buy one and feel good!

The Salt Lake show, what can I say, come and see me at Liberty Mountain Stand, they been kind enough to bring me over, they do good work, they are great people, and provide a good service. Lots of good gear every where etc.

 Will Mayo, maybe I climb with him in Veedavoooooo next week, good mixed climber, nice guy.

 Signing Ice axes with the Axe Man!

Maybe its time we had a flag for us climbers, and not the Jamican one.

 going out for beers, cheers!