I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Importance of being ernest, by Stevie Serious Haston.

Ann Arran doing Yoga, her core is a little occupied with other things. Ann was on the British team.

This little blog might be a bit long, it will take more than a few minuets to read, so in to-days world it's probably not worth reading-so be it. People today want a "six-pack in six minuets", and don't really want to understand the layers of muscle and their function, The "core" is indeed the core of all human function.

My grand daughter Harmony, a little climber and fell runner, the proud owner of a flexible body and a very strong core! Oh yes, she just won a medal for Long jump in North Wales!

So I have been working a bit lately, and fallen behind in my own physical well being, I need to get serious and ernest again. I need to do some fundamental work, core work, flexibility and some heavy pull ups. 
 my cat Zulu, I miss you my friend, you taught me a lot about core and resting!

I need work, not much, but some, if you think  I can help you, please contact me. I know a bit about climbing and training.  

 you can't have enough cats in your life!

The equipment you need for life is strange, it's not a pair of giant crampons, it's more like a large imagination, the imagination to know that you can have a big, or bigger physical relationship with the out side world. We shouldn't live through the TV, the phone, or the computer, we should live through being healthy, and achieving the odd thing.

 A bench in Italy, giant crampons. My first crampons were made here by a man whose hands could break steel, and who is alive and well today. He lives a strong, simple life.

My arms are small, I have a recurring psychological disorder, Small Arm Syndrome- SAS, it can be cured in various ways.

This week I climbed with Patrick, a Swiss boy (16 years old, not 15!), through his eyes I saw, and climbed some of my own routes, they are great routes indeed. But they are more than that, they are "the gift of small things", they are ernest exercise, glorious calisthenics, and all wrapped around in splendour. How lucky I am. But I need to pay some bills. So……work. This week coming Salt Lake City.