I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Battle ship Phallisatica,by Stevie Haston.

The world is not right, the human virus is out of control again. Anyway went out climbing. It was great, the interaction between one friend, and a dog, and several kilometres of inert stone was enjoyable. Not a bad thing happened, no real bad thoughts. The sea had that calming affect it does, and the sucking, hollow feeling just under my ball sac created a small vacuum were anything political could disappear to. 

 A couple of these odd carvings were found as well as, lots of evidence of climbing fishermen.

The fishermen have been here for centuries, but climbers only recently, or were we once the same.

 an old fossil lying on a bed of older fossils.

I love this ledge, it's a nice place to read, but even doing that seems to intrude into its old vibe. It's probably a better place to chug down a bottle of Port, and sleep naked in the sun to wake up to blisters the size of tomatoes.

 In the summer belaying in the sun on these cliffs allows you about 20 mins before you pass out!

Anyway, have soloed a half dozen little routes here, maybe more, I'ave lost count, it's not important in reality. However at a certain stage I should sort it all out, so others can enjoy this lovely spot. Great swimming at the bottom also, with depth of 60 meters just a little bit out! 

 nice reminder of a time before evil politicians.

There are so many great routes here, as my life ticks away, I regret being so lazy, but what can you do. There is only so much ginseng you can take.

 Gollum, or Holdoor?

I need a thousand bolts, and glue, and time. 

I kept on saying Holdoor as I climbed up and down this lovely bit of human interaction with fossilised algae and shells.

Can you believe that some peoples idea of fun is messing about in other peoples lives, or destroying them! Anyway a lovely day, the poor dog doesn't like these cliffs, he was anxious about me, maybe he thinks I am getting doddery, he occasionally looked down, and whimpered for me. Still he doesn't have to keep up with the new fascist groove train thats taken off from stations all around the world. One of the routes I did today is called To the Finland Station, I wonder what percentage of different parts of the world have read that?