I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Happy work, by Stevie Happy Haston.

Short Blog, the continuing battle for happiness is still in progress. Casualties include boredom, boredom is defiantly on the retreat.

 Bramble murders and annihilation continue.

Paths have been pushed in an effort to control marauding religious botanical thorns in my side.

 safety binders like these make my life safer!

TheAlmond blossom is out, long live Almond blossom.

 Evelyn, having a good time, among the rocks of my village. It's not Sweden, or Poland.

 Evelyn says I am lucky, yes maybe I am.

 Being lowered down hard 7s is a new happy experience for some.

Spring is here, happy words for me.

The view from the flat can be blue, but is normally not sad.

Long live happy stuff. And message for Sweden, "what happened"?