I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Waiting for Godot, by Stevie late Haston.

When you'r young, time seems to be stuck in porridge! As you get old, it speeds up, until you hardly ever wish things to be over, even bad things. Not that anything is super terrible in my life, just the usual unhappiness, or un- contentness. I am spoilt, but I guess I must be super spoilt, because normally I don't try wilfully to foook things up. So my little life continues.

 Yoga, I guess if you really work hard you might not have time for yoga, recently I haven't done much, and my mind is slipping towards stupidly wondering about stupidity.

Forest Gumps Mum famously said, "stupid does as stupid is". I probably got that wrong, Forest Gump after his first coffee can make me look fairly dumb after all. Is the message of that film just be kind, even if your dumb, don't get over confused, just be kind?

 A bit of climbing.. soothing stuff above the sea.

After coming back from the big trade show, with all its far off dreams, and promises of sporting excellence if you only by product X, I just feel like sitting in the sun below a cliff listening to the birds sing. Hunting season is over, birds get to be happy again. It seems there is a class of person who isn't that kind, they often seem to sink to the surface of political parties, scum doesn't sink to the bottom, it rises! Base instincts seem to burn with a greater intensity than good ones. Anyway, back to sitting in the sun.

 A little corner of the world, a balcony of balm etc.

Having just recovered from being sick, I am happy to be well. Well, as in ok. Nothing big, or grande gonna happen for a while. Big plans, eh? 

Must admit I would like to know what this is.

There's a lot of weird stuff on my island, carvings, crosses, boat bollards on dangerous cliffs. Nobody seems to know much about them. My Island is one of the oldest inhabited places in Europe, but it is still a mystery! Lets face it people are very, very strange things.