I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Project Mayhem by Stevie Fight Club Haston.

You have all watched Fight Club? Project Mayhem is the bit towards the end when the Civil disobedience slips into destruction of debt. May the Prime Minister of the UKs project seems to be make every Britisher so ashamed of being British that they get passports from other countries. She doesn't want a wall, she just wants the non rich to leave. Being sick, isn't that great, it's the flu. Having a malaise that involves being ashamed of being English, and also being part of an ever increasing complicity with the capital virus is however more serious. For our Prime minister to go down on her bended knee to the Fascist leader of America, and then the next day to rush over like a slavish slattern to do the same to Erdogan is appalling. It some how was not unexpected, this is the great sin. I and many others saw it coming, and it some how still happens, against all morality, and decency, it still happened.

                       Death of A.D

The ACLU have just won a stay against the anti Muslim travel arrangements of Trump, because they were unconstitutional. ACLU stands for American Civil Liberties Union, they have been instrumental in defending things that most people think are American freedoms, yet some how keep being strangled,  and extinguished by Americans. Go figure as Americans say.

 Hanging from a rope is better than hanging from your neck, but hanging on the words of a madman and a mad woman, is not a feel good strategy.

 I am so happy to be going to the Big trade show in Munich for next week end, a whole world community of climbers, business and pleasure. Beer in plenty, bluster, barking about mad politicians. Russians, Iranians, Koreans, Japanese, UK'ers, or should I now say Scots, Little Englanders, Welsh, and Northern Irish, it's all too much for a little boy like me. With a bit of luck the flight over the dolomites will be clear, and  the Tre Cime, or the Drei Zinnen will be visible. Who cares what they are called. Mountains belong to all.

 Make Gozo Great again.

Nationality will end one day, obviously not before time. How many times do we have to intermarry, and mix our genes before we realise we are one people? Our schools must be failing in some profound way, so  that bigotry is still rife. The physical health of the nation is clearly poor with at 15 % obese, but what is the mental health like? How many percent of any given nation is racist?

 Waiting for my Green Card…

Dust to dust, bury my heart at Wounded Knee, not in the corner of an English field with the poppies nodding in the breeze, or maybe just feed me to the fish here in Gozo.

Shame, Shame.. you all must've watched Game of Thrones where you'r whipped, and scourged, naked down those steps in Gerona Spain, which is clearly standing in for the Whitehouse.

Weapons of Mass Delusion, Sealed with a Kiss, when SWAK replaces NATO. I really wanted to just pass the last remaining years going from cliff to cliff, climbing with great people of whatever nation, but hey it was just a dream. They say there's no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole, but there's no such thing as a racist either, your willing to be saved by any one! Shame is some thing that Presidents don't seem to have, but the above photo shall live in infamy.