I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 10 February 2017

Intelligence, Politics, Climbing, by Stevie Haston.

What animal has its arse hole on its back? A Police Horse. I have had a great time at the Ispo Show in Munich, seeing lots of new climbing gear, and seeing wonderful people. Don't get me wrong I love my island, but we are a simple people living a hum drum life, so the opportunity to talk, or be educated by others is fantastic. The world is big, most peoples brains are small.

 They shall not pass-well they are creeping through, they are called MPs.

As I approached the exit of the airport reception, what shock I had, Malta has suspended Schengen! I asked what it was all about and was asked rudely to move along.
In Germany there was lots of security with lots of warnings, funniest situation for me was watching two female police with Machine guns, flirting with each other, they seemed oblivious of all the terror going on-just love was in the air.

 Shame. I will never forget this, never. I will forget many things, many lies by governments, many false flags, but what was going on in these "minds".

Its a funny weird thing that I fell in love with climbers again. They are for all their peculiarities and obsessions, clearly different, a bit more clever, a bit harder to fool, and some of them have had lives as big as the mountains they climb.

 Anybody seen Democracy, I seem to have lost it.

Ispo is a very weird thing, we make gear keep it secret, display it, try to make money out of it, then a few years later everybody has copied your works of genius. There's also some incredible works of merchandise crime, like the price for water proof breathable material. Consumerism, and competition, and tariffs, and money is what we are about at Ispo. Take your Abacus!


A lot of the gilded advertising seems to slip by most people, the dreams are dead. The snowboarding halls were empty, overtaken by short fat skis! Why are we in these weird cycles-money. Always follow the money. If you have trouble with politics try following the money, and put the Bullshit Filter on. I can sell you one-cheap price just for you my prince.

 I love this photo, I remember a fat friend of mine once in the days when you wore pile clothe (fleece) he had some how lost his jacket and looked like fat snowball.

Theres not been much snow in europe but theres been a good bit of ice. The world is so imperfect, large parts are flat, no cliffs, but hey you can grow wheat, and tulips, and bacon there, you can create huge swathes of the population you can cheat. The Ispo for rich people is called Davos. But you can't get in there and Maggie May will never tell you what goes on, how democratic is that?

A sea of cloud.

Seas of cloud are more than perfect, no people either good, or bad. Just the romance for the bones of the earth, and once you get above the clouds you are in a special place. But of course not if you are in a ski resort, thats just an extension of the Paris/London/ Munich underground.  A few manufactures are not going to the American show Utah as a protest against the Utah politicians tying to block the last National Park, good for them. But will that actually do anything except save them money?