I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Slotty Slit of doom, by Stevie Slavering Haston.

Revisiting cliffs you some times get a shock, some routes seem really great, some ordinary. The crazy ones always stand out of course, they throb, they pulse, you can smell the fear dripping in your arm pits, just looking at them.

 A bit of spring cleaning….. never ending story.

The slot of doom has one great route in it, it's called Orchestral manoeuvres in the Dark. It's a pokey 7a, having done it twice I can say that it doesn't get easier on second, or third time around.

Having always wanted to do the left hand side of the arching cave, I finally worked it all out today, have to bolt it of course. It will be a three pitch route, with some fairly improbable climbing, and architecture to die for. It will be a must do. Hopefully it won't be very hard.

 this bit is easy…

The last time I was here we were shot at by hunters. Today just some tourists admiring the spectacular limestone plateau with it's great shapes.

 Little Lilly, 10 years old she did a grade three today.

The slot of doom gets abit uncomfortably wide, depending on where I choose to finish it! If I want I can finish on some jammed blocks, and finish fairly easily. If I choose to be demonic, I can finish it by Batman chimney!

 where to finish?

I fell off trying the Batman finish, but is that any reason not to bolt it that way?