I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Make Gozo great again. By Stevie insignificant Haston.

I can't believe the routes I have, I miss out on a few, like the West Face of the Dru, and the North Face of Everest, but hey that's "alternative Gozo", coming to a guide book near you soon.

 Guernica  top pitch, with a hundred meters of thick static hanging from me, it must be easy.

Weather is good, climbs are perfect, yesterday I cut lots of brambles from around the starts of several routes. The never ending story of brambles versus climber trousers is a trouser manufacturers dream. The American Manafacturers have tried to change the corporate nature of Salt Lake politicians with out result, so will pull out of Salt Lake and consequently the area will lose money. Politics!

An old traditional route of mine, this is now banned from climbing, fragile this is not. When the law is an Ass etc.

The area around my islands is a huge area for sea grass called Poseidon grass, this is a very important habitat which is getting slowly destroyed, or perhaps it's getting destroyed really quickly. While climbers get routes banned, or loose access due to private land, the sea scape is raped for profit. Many areas around Malta are used for bunkering, or mooring of ships. It does not help out fish and sea! 

Do you like hanging on dongs. A climbing wall in the UK has placed hundreds of Penis's and breasts on a wall for you to fondle!

In Gozo we are still struggling with advertising our climbing, I hesitate to recommend my route which will go in the new guide as "Do you like my Dong, Donald".