I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Soothing sea of distraction, by Stevie the sea Haston.

It's Carnival in the village, indeed all over the island this week you see people in fancy dress, or costume. It's pretty cool, although of course I don't normally take part, I just go climbing, and the traffic from the extra tourist just gets on my nerves.

 Local viewpoint, each year a few tourists get washed away-it's a local sub sport. Recently there was a much exaggerated story of six people being rescued in the news-it was fake news, they were knocked over!

 Kids just want to have fun, Dustin and Lilly, showing off on "the brain", in years to come it will of course be illegal to stand on this rock, and you will have to have a certified guide etc.
the Brain rumours to be modelled on the average size of a local villagers brain, or testical, take your pick.

This section of the north coast is seeing lots of walkers and climbers, this is good as normally its just the preserve of hunters, and four wheel drivers!

 over laden, trying to get across with a big wind ,and sea raging!

This route is taking some time! 

When this route is done it will be four little pitches, finishing through the obvious Alice in wonder hole! It is getting on my nerves, because I can't seem to take the harness pain, and back pain anymore. Still I hope to live on beer through my old age given to me by thankful climbers who climb it.