I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Rocks, Planes, no Trains, by Stevie Haston.

Thanks to Jake and Doug, we managed to escape the Out door show a few hours early and head into the mountains. It's high country, flowers, water in lakes, rocks and trees, it's absolutely wonderful.  

I feel like this….

I never forget climbing and the natural world, but it's a struggle some times to re-boot the computer, and just go native again. Feeling like an asylum seeker from todays complicated life, I couldn't even go climbing for a few hours, preferring to do yoga by the lake.

 high above Salt Lake city is a lovely other world, the real world, the world we have forgot…

The drive up was great, slowly leaving the modern world, and blending in with the high country. Metamorphosis was magically happening, my soul started to catch up with me.

 the world is slowly turning upside dow, but you know this right?

Yoga is my anchor. 
Did some yoga with my co worker, and drank some Hops chased down by some Rye. Talked to Alex from china who studies in France, we started talking about the complicated world, but gave up in the end and stared at the world around us. The Rye was chosen by Doug, he was sick of my whining about the poor quality of booze in Utah. He was right, and so was I, thanks Doug an excellent choice.

 we climbed on the cliffs in the background.

What can I say except that there were flowers floating, and a dragon fly flying, peace and serenity pervading.

Stevie nutritional advice…

Be careful when you drink at altitude, the store is a long way away…..
there is nothing to brew up there….
Well I am in Rome now, on the last hop across a bit of sea to my rock floating in my heart, I miss America and hope to see you again. Take care ….