I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Festivals, Comps, Olympics, business. By Stevie Haston.

Traveling around working, you realise the world works in a very clumsy way. Humans are crass useless things, we seem to have a propensity to just breath, and get fat. My least favourite places are airports and city motorways, I am lucky that its not Aleppo, or Gaza I'am zipping around, but still Iam in despair.

 At Arco we had two periods  a day on a climbing wall giving kids a chance to climb.

If every where was like Arco I suppose life would be all roses. Arco is certainly one of the most beautiful places to hang out. Old trees planted with forethought hundreds of years ago. Everything is beautiful.  Anyway thoughts of over population aside, taking kids climbing makes me happy. We had a great time and hopefully so did the kids, naturally its business, or benevolent business, but hey we got to make a buck. Next morning when we went climbing for ourselves, we didn't wear helmets, we were less careful. I told everybody off, including myself!

 danger, danger, life is wine and love.

Romain Desgranges from Chamonix won the mens big event, it's only his second gold in about 14 years of comps, but if you have ever seen his precise flawless technique, and his never ending stamina you might be surprised that the boy can't walk on water.
Adam Ondra lost, shock horror. Adam the Ondra, the incredible guy that he is, has been climbing outside! Not the best things for plastic, golds come through working plastic! Olypians lookout, you are doomed to plastic prison, and hell. How did we turn a great wonderful pastime like climbing rocks, and mountains, into an indoor prison hell of urban hamsters?

 Arco crags ar ace, easy to hard, always very good. A community that prospers through outdoor climbing and recreation.

Adam Ondra and a fat sweaty geezer.

Adam Ondra is off to the big stone soon, he has his eyes set on Salathea, and Dawn Wall. That's why he has been outside climbing, El Cap is decidedly outside. Dawn Wall has supposed 9a pitches on it, and is therefor possibly the hardest "Trad route" in the world. We will see, or Ondra will see for us. Good luck Adam, and congrats on winning the bouldering, no mistakes there eh?
Anak Verhoven won the girls comp, she is a fervent Christian, and climbs for Jesus. It seems to be working for her, I might try it.