I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 8 August 2016

Good bye America by Stevie Haston.


So its goodbye America, had a great time, did some good work, renewed friendships, etc. Even went climbing.

 Jim Donini, he is off to Pakistan to reacquaint himself with Latok.

The show was great, bloody hard work for me, but this was made better by so many people being nice to me. I love Salt Lake and their people.

 Up at snowbird it rained!

We went up the pass to climb and I didn't really want to. I had a dream that it would rain and our team would get down in the dark. Guess what? It did!

 sheltering from the rain, Alexi, Julia, Jake, Oliviero.

I did yoga in the rain, and down by the car, where I was joined by a mummy deer and her two babies.

 between showers it looked good.

some trad gear turned into a great exhibit.

There was a great vibe this year at the show despite the most politics I have ever heard talked by our American cousins. Crossed fingers for the election in November.