I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 11 August 2016

I'am still standing by Stevie "vertical" Haston.

 a last memory from Utah….. thanks for the memories. Doing yoga by this lake was not ordinary.

Back in Gozo, the jet lag is going, the ordinariness of my existence seems ok, I have seen a bit, time to hunker down, and get fit for the cooler months.

 I am still standing on my hobbit feet, designed by my mother and father to wear the best climbing boots, and climb the best, most bodacious routes.

I been back and climbed the last two days with young Patrick from Swiss, White Tower, and today Sector Titan and UnderWorld. Not bad, well truth be told two of the best climbing cliffs you can be on, and it's where I live, not shabby is my place of abode! 

 this photo was clearly taken by some one who had a little alcohol in his system, perfect rock, perfect setting, high Utah.

Next time I am in Utah I gotta stay and climb, it was really nice, but the jet lag for a few days work is horrible. And seeing friends without associating is painful.

An arched an vaulted ceiling in Torino, this is a very ordinary building which you won't find in the USA, we are different, we must celebrate some of  our differences, and correct our short comings.

My last bit of work will be going to the Arco Competitions, which if you don't know is really one of the great highlights of the climbing year. Naturally I will be working and not competing, but I will not loose the opportunity to cheer the great climbers on. And all in the great town of Arco surrounded by the lake and cliffs and the warmth and sociability of Italy. Viva.