I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 12 August 2016

Post work stress disorder, by Stevie traveling Haston.

 There are great routes, and greater routes, there are of course lesser routes, but perhaps we should not even talk about them. It's hot for another month at least, but it's possible to climb in the shade with a breeze.

the route Titan is two pitches, about 70 meters, some lovely stone.

The sea was crashing today, and Patrick and I got splashed occasionally on bits of cliff hard to splash. Young Patrick was climbing well, relaxed and confident, we did 6 routes ( well he did) I did four. 

 heading towards the roof.

We did an old route of mine called DNA which is a tough lead, mainly because the second can't hear you, and doesn't know how, or when to take in, or give slack. Potentially big falls are almost garrantied on this route, and with the sea running wild, its all a bit much, especially for a pumpy 7c+.

looking at an unclimbed wall of bubbles and holes.

Patrick was still keen, and did a hard bouldery route that was previously graded 8a, but I will down grade it to 7c. He then went on a 7c+ that he thought was 8a! Grades are not rocket science and although we don't have many mistakes here on Gozo, I would like a few other opinions on grades from visitors. My grades reflect my strengths and my numerous weaknesses. If you have another opinion it might be good to drop me a line. Thanks.