I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 27 August 2016

More Arco photos, by Stevie more Haston.

 entering Arco leave your northern blues behind.

The Arco guide book now has thousands of high quality routes, its a must. But not now in this heat, its really hot, even in the shade, but its still so cool to be here as part of this gathering of the climbing clans, its mostly Italians but Germans and Austrians too.

 My poster Iam giving away, kids love it.

 all kind of kids having fun, some older than me.

Disco Jesus and lots of other people from the past seemed to be dancing last night. It was a hard working gig for me.

One of the first 7bs in Arco, if I member correctly.

I always climbed well in Arco but I never got the classic big monsters at Massone. Need to try harder. 
Need to spend month in the autumn.