I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pollution, corruption, and "By catch", by Stevie by lateral Haston.

 an attempt at showing a return from  different layers of water.

You probably know about pollution, you almost certainly live in a city, and are exposed to it. You also vaguely know it's not good for you, but do you really want to know its killing you? You don't, do you, your in denial. You just want to work, provide for yourself, or your family, and do a bit of climbing, or other sport.  Pollution is killing us, and the planet, shortening our lives, and making the quality less.

surfacing in a big air chamber.

Surfacing in a cave with tourist, and fisherman's rubbish is normal here in August. We were swimming and diving in the hope of seeing rare fish, but all we saw were plastic bags! The fish we wanted to see is the Mola Mola, and can be a really big fish up to 5000 kg, or a bit over 2000 kg. It eats among other things  jelly fish, and plastic bags. Jelly fish we don't want, and neither do we want plastic bags, but the Mola Mola, along with whales, turtles and us, cannot digest plastic bags. The Mola is also killed as By Catch when they fish for Sword fish, the fishermen then de-fin this beautiful strange fish, and let it die. It is a protected fish in the EU. Anyway we are a By Catch of big business and Capitalism, it is time we woke up and asked our politicians for a bit of help. In Malta we have Tuna farms, your expensive Sushi probably comes from here, and it is fed all kinds of supposed fish and "stuff," like medicine, or worse. We have so much feeding of the Tuna, that in a few places we have feeding slime in the water which pollutes some of our swimming zones, these beaches are supposed to have excellent water according to EU certificates, it is not so. It is just not so! Air should be breathable, and in many places it is not so. Water should be drinkable and as you know, it is mostly not so. And how about food, clearly food is not food most of the time. I was just served shit on 6 flights, I was treated like an dumb animal served shit, and then not allowed to shit, because they want you in your seat all the time. Welcome to the Machine, we are By Catch.