I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Out door show by Stevie Indoor Haston

 by Smith , Burr and Phillips.

Thanks to all the people who are making my visit to the States a good one. Grivels Importer in the USA is Liberty Mountain who are a great set of guys. They deserve some business, check them out, huge range of gear, really good stuff.

 some grivel new biners to look at and play with.

 some cool shots on the left, one of me, but the Zion one underneath is really good

Our trail running gear is dare I say it brill, the three different sizes and weights of running pack are super good and do the job. The yellow one is my favourite because its the lightest, you might have different needs , check them out.

So I will be at the Liberty Mountain booth out the front and I will answer any sensible or non sensible question. Strictly no politics! Like I said check things out at the Liberty Mountain booth, the staf for Liberty are very know legible and real friendly. It looks like a good show for lots of people. Good luck to every body, live long and prosper.