I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 1 July 2016

Days of Marvel now, by Stevie chilling Haston.

 It's very hot now, marvellous I suppose, all those tourists roasting various body parts. Me, I hide in the shade. Even in the shade you go brown.

 Painters would like it here, paint my pallet lots of blues.

 Soloing the 100 foot or 30 meter Fisherman's Blues, a very exposed route, the old fishermen used to do in bare feet, with a bucket of fish and gear over the crook of each elbow!

 An old forgotten route of mine, one of the hundred or so not in the guide!

Accidentally got on an old route of mine called Palm Sunday, Jeeze was it hard. Groove climbing section needs feet of a gecko.

 Grooves, love or hate em, I love em.

You take air on this route, scenic great rock , magic moves, it's got colour, it's got it all.

Final mantle shelf with cousin Paul showing how it should be done.

Palm Sunday is fairly hard, but there's lots of grade 6s at Fruit Cake Land. Recently I did tons of Trad routes here, that I will bolt up, time and money allowing. A pleasant summer to you.