I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Some great Grivel gear by Stevie Haston.

 This years gear from Grivel was good, I,ll just high light a few which I think are really good.

 Small safety carabiner called the Clepsidra, it fits the Grigri two.

Screw gates, twist locks, safety niners, they all serve the same function-you want that biner to stay locked. The Grivel twin gate locking niners are very good but we listened to the customer and made one smaller- its now a mini, or a didi, lighter with more clearance. Its a very neat belay binder that also won't revolve thru a Grigri because of a widening bump we added, so it ensures it's never cross loaded and always aligned perfectly. Captive eye at the bottom clips in to your belay loop.

 The Tau safety binder, a new concept.

The Tau is brill, its neat its slim and it is a safety binder. It's 55 grams, and it has a very clean nose due to the key lock system. The biner will rotate because the nose is normal size. Its another new safety binder, if you have trouble with the twin gate niners (I don't) you might prefer this new one. I just like its simplicity.

 The Stealth Helmet.

The Grivel Stealth is a good looking, really light, well ventilated helmet. Its a very good price too, check it out. 190 grams ! 

 Grivel trail poles

These poles are simple and great. They come in one piece, two piece and three piece or sections. I love the single piece, but they are impractical to carry or transport especially on planes. Single piece are always very strong and lightest. So for ease of carrying poles are sectioned, but the rub is they get heavier and weaker. Well these are strong. They come with a choice of two different baskets a trail,which is very small and a snow basket.  

 this comp trail sac is small, weight 275 grs.

This is a brill bit of kit, there is not much room on this at all, but enough for things like the Tor de Giants 300km and more hills than you really want to know about! If you find one better than this, tell me. If you are really small or a bit big, it might not fit. Check it for size.

Salamander Helmet on the left.

The new Salamander Helmet is your standard dragging and Alpine Helmet,its a really great price very good value. Its got the same fitting cradle as the Stealth Helmet, simple and light. 360 grs.
And to finish, Helmets save lives, you might not see everybody wearing one in photos, but where things get loose or stones might fall, the prudent and wise where helmets or at least tell their kids to wear them!