I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 22 July 2016

Grivel Ares harness and Lynx multi pitch pack, By Stevie Haston.

 The Ares Harness.as modelled by …

So Grivel have three harness, the Apollo, the Ares, and the Posiedon. 
The Apollo is designed as a rock harness more than anything, and the Poseidon is more directed at Alpine and Ice climbing because of it's less absorbent and hydro phobic leg loops. Lets take a look at the Ares which is the in-between harness which I like. Why do I like it, two reasons. First reason is the leg loops are a bit bigger than the Apollo, and despite anything I do, my legs are always a bit bigger than a rock climbers. Second reason is there's is more room for your bits, and I really would like to say I have over large tackle, but I haven't. If you are wearing a bit of a hefty pair of trousers there's often too much material rucking up as well. And girls, don't disregard this advice on any sexist grounds, a misplaced leg loop is not girl friendly either.

 the Lynx multi pitch pack

 The Lynx is a much overlooked bit of kit, I suppose it's very specific, but it can be very useful on 10 pitch routes. It's got a water bladder function, and great racking of gear capability. It is a great seconds pack on day routes,  or even for the leader.

 Lynx bag, small capacity, many features.

There's just enough room for two light weight jackets, a couple of litters of drink, and a bit of food.

high clipping option, and free hips often really useful to have.

There are internal pockets, and an ice axe loop. The shoulder straps can also detach as a double shoulder gear rack, which can be really good if you a have a big trad rack, and have to keep shifting it because of chimneys and cracks. 

Anyway there you go, two bits of kit that you might overlook because you really don't understand their slightly specific function. Worth taking a closer look at in my opinion.