I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Working class climber, by Stevie Haston.

 Tools of the trade…

The victory of Brexit, and the rise of Trump are hard for everybody to understand, but one should look at the poor working class, and those trapped below that level to understand there isn't much hope for them. When hope is taken away from people they will strap the bomb of a suicidal ideology to themselves.

 Jo Jo Font Legend.

I am an inner city boy despite growing up part of the time on a small island paradise. I will just explain some of the differences between Gozo and London for a child. Gozo was paradise, I had no shoes but never felt poor, I could swim in the sea and never had toys. London was smoke indeed it was nicknamed the Smoke by us east enders. London was alcohol abuse, and many people being out of work, it was real poverty, it was people who where less educated than on my small backward island. How was this so? Because no body cares about the poor. If you are lucky to move up, you try not to look back.

 A certain politicians deceased former girlfriend.

My escape from this merry go round of London depression was to climb. I literally climbed out of the city, the labyrinth of social traps that would at the very best keep me a drone serving the classes above me.

 To the Edelweiss Crew, I like my sky blue.

The man I am is not a lazy one, give me work and I will do it, but take away my hope and I will bite back. I have spent time traveling recently and you can see the discontent of the poor, and the fed upness of the those people just above, caught in a hamster cage of work and high tax in France and Italy. Politics should be for all the people, not just for one select group of lucky unscrupulous people. The shit food in most American and European supermarkets is made by 10 to 12 companies, thats all, where's the choice!  

A carpenter Bee, busy at work.

I just found a great cliff this week swimming around, its gonna have a dozen easy routes and about 4 really hard routes, steeply overhanging bursting the pump for a real long rope length. I'll put the work in,this cliff will be great, it will be my little contribution to joy. Because if we don't have some of the good old stuff, we will turn into the Mob. My generation of climbers turned into Punks in the Gym, we invented the modern sport of climbing, other people added more joy, but there is a lot of sadness and hopelessness out there. I wish every body more fun and success, but please do not repeat this month, Turkey is taking it a bit far don't you think. Notice nobody is talking about invading Turkey. The UK government is trying to force nuclea ballistic missiles back on the plan, with this money most climbers, and non climbers could have a weeks paid sport for the rest of their lives!